Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Toile That!

Okay I have to admit the creativity is running a bit low this morning.  And trying to stay positive in this time of uncertainty. I started thinking about Mother's Day coming up and what, if anything, I could think of to send to my mother next month.  Then I thought, I'll send her something toile because there is that toile fetish (along with the coat and needlepoint fetish) in my DNA.  You can never get tired of toile and it's amazing what comes in toile these this toile facemask.  Face masks are quickly replacing iPhone covers as the new fashion accessory.  You think I am kidding.  Think not!

Love these toile napkins with a monogram.  Why not shelter in place with a nice table setting?  Why not?

And if I had somewhere to wear these, I'd love to add these to my shoe collection. Maybe for summer 2021?

And I love this blue toile vintage bucket. Use it for magazines for a bath, a planter, a trash can, for wine on top of a table.

Love this toile pillow, Brunswig fabric.

Toile dog bowl, anyone?

Love these toile equestrian tea towels.  Love!

Toile stationary?  Snail mail and hand-written notes are back you know?

Vintage toile jacket?  Size medium.

And for the person who has everything love these toile boot fillers. Great for your riding boots!

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