Friday, April 10, 2020

More Great Etsy Needlepoint Bargains

There are some great needlepoint finds on Etsy. These are mostly "vintage" but still great to stitch.  And the prices are pretty darn good.  And supporting small business is an added bonus.  Look........

Here is a kit that comes with the wool threads for $30.  See it here.


This is a kit that comes with the canvas and the wool thread for $25.  Can't beat that deal.

This is an old large canvas, no threads, but at $52 this is a good find.

If you prefer a small project then this key fab is a great one to try.  Hint, you can finish this yourself too (they have the finishing things you need at Michael's).  See it here.

Another one, $14.  See it here.

Another kit, with yarn, for $20!  See it here.

This canvas is preworked so all you have to do is fill in the background.  Many years ago, this was very typical.  It is $40. All you need to do is fill in the background. Cheating?  Maybe but it makes a lovely finished piece.  See it here.

Another great bargain.  This is a kit, comes with everything you need, even the fabric to make it into a pillow.  $25.  See it here.

This vintage canvas is $15.  See it here.

This is a great time to stitch a rug. I've stitched two and there is a fern rug I am wanting to stitch.  You get a lot of satisfaction completing one of these. This is a real bargain.  Most rug canvases run in the $400+ range.  This one is less than $100 but I would change the colors.  See it here.

This Christmas canvas is $8.  See it here.

And I don't know why someone has not picked this one up. I am SO tempted but my stash is so large, and growing every week.  I would change the colors a bit to make it brighter. But love this.  See it here.

Love this bunny for $28. See it here:

And lastly I love this old canvas!  See it here.

Love these.  Remember you can often change the colors to suit your tastes a bit and make these more modern. But great deals are out there. Enjoy. We'll be stitching and Netflixing this weekend for sure.

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